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People love Quality Master HVAC’s AC service and HVAC service for a reason. All of our clients know that we put our customer’s needs first and have an answer for any home heating and cooling issues. Our air conditioning repair company is available for home AC repair, commercial AC repair, HVAC repair, heater repair, and furnace repair not only in Altadena, but in Southern California cities such as La Cañada, Alhambra, Arcadia, Glendale, North Hollywood, Sun Valley, Montrose, and Pasadena.

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A clean and efficient heating unit is a necessity for every home. During cold winter nights, you may experience an unhealthy chill if your heater or furnace is broken or not working properly. If you have a faulty heater or furnace, ask us about our residential furnace repair or residential heater repair services.


As previously mentioned, Quality Master is known primarily as an AC repair company and HVAC repair company. Our team has enough experience to know the ins and outs of every AC and HVAC unit, deftly and fixing issues so your property’s temperature can remain at comfortable levels. Ask about our air conditioning service if your air conditioner needs maintenance or repairs.


Our technicians can also help ensure the air you are breathing inside your property is clean and free from any harmful chemicals or particles. Let us know if you need help with a filter or if your air conditioner’s issues are causing it to provide poor ventilation. We’ll help protect your property from air pollution that can cause sickness and decrease your quality of life.


You may also be interested in revolutionary new heating and cooling devices such as ductless HVACs or mini splits. These innovative machines can control the temperature in a single room or keep temperature levels in different rooms at varying levels. Give us a call if you want a little more control over how hot or cold your property feels.




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